location MSP5A - Enc - 40W - in mic/lineout - line bi-amp
  • location MSP5A - Enc - 40W - in mic/lineout - line bi-amp

MSP5A - Enc - 40W - in mic/lineout - line bi-amp

25,00 €
High quality, powered monitors have traditionally demanded premium prices. The new MSP5A biamplified monitor speakers from Yamaha deliver extraordinary sound quality, at an equally attractive price! The MSP5A provides the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, from home recording to post production.

Ultra-Compact, Quick and Easy Hookup

Ultra-compact enclosures allow easy placement. Small face print makes them very accurate for "point source" listening. Hookup is quick and easy with both XLR and 1/4" phone jacks available. 67 combined watts of audio power in a biamplified monitor this size, let alone near this price, was previously unheard of – until now. Upgrading to studio level monitoring has never been easier.

Custom Designed 5" Woofer and 1" Titanium Tweeter

Titanium offers excellent response, separation and durability. The MSP5A's tweeter, surrounded by a wave guide horn offers a broad coverage area of 120 degrees.

Built-In Biamplification

With two separate amplifiers powering the woofer and tweeter, incredibly lower distortion is realized. A total of 67 watts, 40 to the woofer and 27 to the tweeter, generates a much larger sound field than would normally be expected from a system of this size.

Great for Mastering

Flat frequency response out to 40kHz makes the MSP5A great for mastering, where high sample and bit rates are the norm.

Waveguide Technology

The smooth circular horn surrounding the tweeter delivers uniform dispersion without distortion or coloration.

Magnetic Shielding, Compact Enclosures

Complete magnetic shielding and compact size permits easy placement near all types of audio, video and computer equipment.

Versatile Equalization Control

The MSP5A's 4 position EQ switch for low frequency and 3 position switch for high frequency match the system's response to the acoustic environment.
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